• Guilherme Abe

    Yo there dudes that got nothing better to do with your lives than browse shit and pornography on the internet!! If you're blind or something and because of that weren't able to read above, I'm Guilherme Abe, also known as Herme, Abe or Lameass. I'll be trying to make reviews of the HJ chapters, so we have an official place to comment about them. Be my guests!

    It was a nice transition chapter after all. This Arc seems interesting, since it seems to involve historic events like the Witch-hunt.

    However, it had some not-so-good points too. I was expecting Haiji and Chitose to be introduced to the basics of being a White Joker, not going so fast on a mission. Also, starting an arc with a mission is also kinda cliche. I like it, but judging from a pro…

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