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December 2012

Haiji Profile

Heidi is a brilliant scientist that is researching the mystery of the Glowing Corpses. Heidi is mostly been criticized as a kid due to his kid like appearance. Heidi gained also the title "Mysterious Genius Scientist Boy" (謎の天才少年科学者, Nazo no Tensai Shōnen Kagaku-sha). Nothing is known about Heidi's past, matter a fact Heidi got no recollection about his past at all. Alongside with his assistant Chitose they are trying to solve the mystery of the mysterious Black Apple which can grant ideals and powerful abilities if someone take a bit of. Furthermore, Heidi is a kid known that doesn't show any emotions and evenly doesn't know the word. He has mostly been seen in a straight face that doesn't smile only when he becomes very interested in something. Haiji also appeared in the winning one-shot of the series. There has been massive changes between the two since the series.


January 2013

The Transformation


James (ジェームズ Jēmuzu) is a deceased man that became a Glowing Corpse after his death. He was brought to Heidi's lab to be examined, but Killed manipuled him, transforming him into a giant genetically modified monster. With enormous strength and resistance, he was the first that Heidi fought with the powers of the Black Apple.


February 2013

Joker apple

Newtonian Apple

The Newtonian Apple (ニュートンのリンゴ, Nyūton no Ringo) or the Black Apple (黒いリンゴ, Kuroi Ringo) is the first Eureka that has been introduced in the Hungry Joker series. It once had its juice drank by Isaac Newton, granting him the knowledge about the Universal Gravitation (万有引力, Ban'yū Inryoku). It is currently in Heidi's possession, as his main power source, allowing him to control the gravity.


March 2013



The Mavro (黒い神軍(マブロ), Maburo; Literally meaning "Army of Black Gods") (Greek: Μαύρο, Mávro; Literally meaning: "Black") are a terrorist organization and the primary antagonists in the Hungry Joker series. Viewing the humans as inferior, they execute many attacks attacks against them, mainly using their large arsenal of Eureka. It's known that all of their members wear pitch black clothes, overall giving them a black theme.

April 2013

Mavro Dodomekis


Dodomekis (ドドメキス, Dodomekisu) was once an Angel-class Mavro that integrated the terrorist organization formed by this race. With his Eureka, Dodomekis was able to live up to his fetishes and do everything that appealed his selfish interests, thanks to the drugs produced by his Curare Beak. Such behavior, however, one day led him to fight a certain Eureka user that trapped him inside an enormous, inescapable labyrinth for the rest of his life, until the arrive of a special team from the White Joker.

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